India & Vegetarian Food


Last week I was in New-Delhi, capital of India. It’s such a big country: 75 times bigger then Holland!

I was there for work and visiting my friends: the best combination !

It was 48 degrees! I used sun protection with factor 50 and often wore my cap. People are walking around with umbrellas as well.

It’s a tropic country. You need to drink enough water! The tap water in India you can’t drink. Everywhere there is bottled water for sale. Note carefully that the cap of the bottle is sealed. Also do not eat raw, uncooked or partially cooked food or vegetables (salads) and unwashed vegetables. Choose fruit that you can peel yourself. Also don’t eat to spicy. We are not used on this lifestyle, you have to keep that in mind.

Funny about India: one part of the country you can go for skiing and the other part its 48 degrees!

I have only eaten in good restaurants, so for me it was all fine.

The best Restaurant in New-Delhi for diner with Indian food: ‘’Dakshin’’. Based in Sheraton Hotel. They have an extensive menu. And coconut water;) Fresh & healthy!

For having a lunch you have an amazing place: award winning ‘’The Oberoi Gurgaon’’! I love this design of the hotel!! It’s really new.

At one moment you see monkeys on the road, cows walking on the street, 6 people on one scooter, people bagging, bulky waste, poor hovels etc and then 5 minutes later you are arrived in your hotel, people are opening the door for you and you are in the ‘’rich’’ part. This was really difficult for me to see. I wish I could help all those people outside!

I have also visit Terragalleria, Indian Gate, Chhatarpur temple and the Lotus Tempel. Beautiful!:



Indian Food:

Finally I found a country where they have lots of vegetarians!

80% of the people in India are Hindoes. It’s the oldest religion in the world.

Most of them are living a lifestyle without meat.

The Indian cuisine is extremely varied. A meal in India usually consists of rice with curries and breads. Curry is prepared with a mixture of herbs and spices combined with meat, fish or vegetarian dishes. Especially the vegetarian dishes are well represented.

A meal prepared with curry can vary from mild to very hot. Adjusts therefore good at eating curries and do not take too much, our body is often not accustomed to fatty and spicy foods. In Indian cuisine is eaten with almost every meal bread, the best known species are naan bread and chiapati.

India’s national drink is tea or chai. This is mixed with spices, water, milk and sugar and is a good thirst quencher. The meals they often drink Lassi, a traditional yogurt drink diluted with water. Alcohol is a Western value to Indian standards relatively expensive.


Me and my friend had a massage at 7* Hotel ‘’The Oberoi Amarvilas in Agra. We had a Shirodhara Massage:

Shirodhara is an ancient Indian therapy using warm, medicated oils which flow from a specially designed copper vessel. A gentle stream of warm oil is directed onto the forehead which in turn triggers healing, restores balanced health and calms the mind.

This massage was so relaxed! After that we went to the steam pool as well.

And the hotel was beautiful, wow! We had an amazing view from our room. We could see the Taj Mahal. Ofcourse we have visited that as well!

Amazing piece of art! No wonder that it is one of the 7 wonders of the world!