Hellweek / Smoothies / Homemade Face Mask



What if you gave your best effort, every minute, every hour for a whole week? How much could you accomplish?

The Hellweek is a known phenomenon in the military. Erik Larssen, mental trainer and public speaker has at the start of his long career in the Norwegian army itself participated in as part of its admission to the officer. In his book he describes it endured a hellweek inspired him to transform weak and uncertain boy to a more confident, more mature person with more confidence.

I believe this is good for everyone to do this and experience!

Time passes by so quickly, which week you may remember from your life, and why?

A week in which driving yourself to the limit and your ‘’to do list’’ now finally finishes. A week when you finally take good care of yourself.

You exercise every day, you’re eating and drinking healthy, you’re going to focus on your tasks and do not get distracted. That means during the day no private contacts and no social media. In the evening do not watch TV, so do not hang indefinitely the tube until late in the evening. Each day of the hellweek begins at 5:00 am: yes really! And ends at 22.00 pm.

These are the main points, although the list contains some more.

‘’Happy, positive and solution’’.

Monday: Fixed habits: reinforce good habits, and

change bad habits.

Tuesday: Mode and focus: Focus and concentration is something that is increasingly difficult in our fast digital life and precisely therefore requires more attention!

Wednesday: Time management: Too much to do and not enough time, a feeling that many people have, with often stressful and overwrought employees as a result. Action list, annual, weekly, daily schedule and “things that pop up’’ are discussed.

Thursday: Outside of your comfort zone: Thursday night you will not see your bed. Aspects such as courage, fear and procrastination will be discussed today.

Friday: Rest and recovery: You will spend a portion of these helweek Friday in a meditative state by.

Saturday: Inner dialogue: The day is marked by positivity. It will be a Happy Day! You decide to only have positive thinking about the people around you and your surroundings.

And about yourself, last but not least!

Sunday: Put your life into perspective, enjoy the satisfaction that you have sustained the week

Accept the challenge and show all your discipline now!!

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZggVlwPe44





A few times a week I make delicious healthy smoothies!

It is the ideal fuel to get through the day.

It gives your body a lot of power nutrients, which means you’re less prone to many diseases.

It’s a ideal drink to give with birthdays and parties.

You can decorate it nicely with fruit, strawberries etc.

Take it during breakfast, lunch or dinner for extra energy because smoothies are rich in important proteins, vitamins and minerals. Add some extra ice on a hot summer day to cool off or make a cucumber smoothie.

People take smoothies to lose weight as well.

Depending on the type of fruit in a glass of 250 ml there are around 110-140 kilocalories.

Ingredients of the following smoothie: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, banana, protein powder, water, coconut milk, sprinkled with coconut and decorated with a strawberry and blueberry

If you buy a blender it is important that you are going to buy a good one.

Cheap is generally of poor quality.

Take a blender from a good brand and one with a capacity of 800 watts.

I use the Philips blender.

Avocado, green apple, cucumber smoothie

Jessica Alba says that she likes to make a double portion so she can freeze and later during her day can enjoy. This she did to burn fat that she got during her pregnancy.


a stalk of celery

half a cucumber

a green apple

large handful of kale

Juice of 1 whole lemon

1 teaspoon peeled fresh ginger

Half kiwi

5-7 ice cubes

500 ml water



Green avocado and spinach smoothie

1 ripe avocado

2 handfuls of fresh spinach

100 g cucumber

1 kiwi

100 ml of cold water


Healthy, Fresh summer fruitbowl

Summer fruit bowl

Pineapple, melon, coconut, apple and mango



Homemade face masks

This mask is good for all skin types

There are so many different masks for sale, but the most fun is to make it yourself, and it’s all natural without bad ingredients!

Honey Yogurt Mask

Yogurt has a cleansing effect and helps with pimples and blackheads. It is known as a substance which gives a great care to the skin.

Honey is known as a natural antibiotic.

If you have a wound that will not heal, grease then a layer of creamy honey (organic of course) and cover it with gauze.

How do you do that?

Mix 1 teaspoon honey with 1 teaspoon of yogurt.

Dry skin? Then add 2 teaspoons of honey instead of 1. Oily skin? Then add a few drops of lime juice

Spread on your face, keep the area around your eyes and mouth free and leave about 15 minutes.

Thoroughly rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Enjoy your baby soft skin that you have just acquired



Never give up!

Go over, go under, go around, or go through.

But never give up!