Forever Young 9-day Detox program

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Forever Young 9-day Detox program

When I hearded about it I’ve got really curious and started!

I’m not doing this to lose weight but to get fitter, getting a healthy skin and removing waste of my body.

The principle of this Detox package is to cleanse and detoxify your body.

Let’s do this! 

Who is drinking Aloë vera?

Aloë Vera is centuries old. Cleopatra was the first celeb who used it to keep her skin young.

But also:

– Victoria Beckham

– Amy Willerton (Miss Universe)

– Simon Webbe (singer of boy band Blue)

– Kimberley Walsh (singer of Girls Aloud, presenter, model Schwarzkopf)

– Beyonce

– Goldie Hawn (actress)

– Cheryl Cole (singer and judge X-Factor UK)

– Alicia Keys

– Michelle McManus (winner of Pop Idol UK)



Beauty from the inside and outside.


 My experience:

Let me first say that it was for me with the main purpose cleaning for my body based on pure Aloë Vera. Many also do it to lose some inches in a short time. But it’s not a dieet !!

In 9 days you clean your body and get rid of all toxic substances. This was interesting to me, anyway I am very concerned with health and beauty!

In those nine days you will also burn fat cells. Fat does not weight much, but it is mass. In those nine days you may notice that you lose inches size. But for me that was not important, I ate more snacks between meals.

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Day 1 and 2 you should only drink Aloë Vera (120ml 4 times a day), 1 vanilla proteïn shake in the afternoon, 1 fiber rod (Fiber Stick) in the morning as a snack and through the day you can take vegetables or/and fruit.

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From day 3 till day 8 you take your evening meal of 600kcal +/-.

Only in the morning you drink the Aloë Vera.

In the morning and in the afternoon you take the vanilla proteïn shake. The proteïn shake I made myself with strawberries, other fruits and coconut. For me that was a party to take with me to work!

From day 9, you may also add a light lunch in the afternoon.

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You will take the extra supplements 3 times a day before meals. These suppress your appetite. Also included is a multivitamin that you take in the morning and afternoon.


In the beginning I needed to get used to the bitter taste. It is super healthy but not super tasty! I then swapped the jugs of cranberry flavor. That was better to drink! So happy I did that!

I expected that I would get hungry, I normally eat throughout the day. But it was not that bad!

Especially the first two days, because you miss your hot meal. On the 3rd day you will take a evening hot meal, you will enjoy that extra after the first 2 days!

I’ve taken more snacks then normally, but only healthy snacks;) Because I didn’t want to loose weight.

What really surprising was to me: I had no headaches or getting dizzy! I did a detox before and I feeled more dizzy and had not a lot of enery. With this I got more energy and feeled much stronger!

You will receive a booklet where you can find which snacks you can take. Such as: tomatoes, strawberries, apricots, apples, blueberries, prunes, figs, asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber, pepper, string beans, soybeans, carrots, spinach and much more.

Through all these healthy foods into your rhythm you have no appetite for sugar. You don’t eat it and you miss it either.

There are a lot of nutriënts in the Aloë.



It is important to move 20 minutes every day during this program: climbing stairs, go running outside, dancing, play with your kids, do yoga, cycling, swimming, or rollerskating.

Forever Detox



If I had to give a grade I give it an 8!

I looked at first a little reluctant, but it really was not that bad!

I would recommend this Detox to people who want a healthy lifestyle, after a stressful period, when you’re tired or you want a more clear skin and eyes.

What I found funny is that my mother and best friend noticed that my skin looked calmer and more radiant.


Many people apply Aloë Vera every day to their lifestyle.

If you are clean, you can go for regular maintenance to keep clean. Use a shot glass in the morning and a shot glass in the evening.

But depending on body weight.

As a rule, you can say: 10ml per 10 kg body weight.

So if a person weights 60 kilos, take 3 cl in the morning and 3 cl in the evening.

The pure aloë vera gel is free from leaves, peeled, not hot and not diluted with water.


I became very excited about Aloë vera and am convinced that it’s really healthy to apply in to your daily diet!

I start my day every morning with a glass of Aloë vera.

Want to stay clean, fit and keep the healthy radiant skin !


– Change the proteïn shakes with varying fruit

– Do the following week quietly with food and sugar etc

– Drink enough water



– Developed by a team of dieticians and nutritionists

– Boost your energy and body

– All products are of natural origin and are lactose-free & gluten-free


Forever Clean 9 Detox Box:


  • Forever Aloë Vera Gel (2 x 1 Liter)
  • Forever Lite Ultra (15 meals, soy vanilla shake)
  • Forever Garcinia Plus (54 softgels, a dietary supplement to suppress hunger pangs)
  • Forever Therm (18 tablets, multivitamins)
  • Forever Fiber (9 sticks, fiber stick)
  • Tape-measure
  • Accompanying booklet with all the information and recipes

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